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Removing rear discs (dd)

Rich N

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Me again..


I'm in the process of replacing rear discs.. I've undone the 41mm hub nut, removed pads, removed the caliper, taken the caliper retaining bolts out and now I'm left with a disc/hub assembly I can't shift.. at this point I expected the disc and hub to come off the splined shaft without too much of a problem.


Am I missing something, or is mine just stuck?! I've replaced the wheel and tried using that to get it free, but I'm guessing either I'm missing something or I might need a hub puller tool or something else?


Section 8, Page 6 of the assembly manual seems to show what I was expecting - would really like someone to confirm 'yes, you might actually need something to pull it off the Drive Shaft, or 'no, you idiot..'


Cheers again..




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A hub puller might be needed to get it started if it has been on the splines for a long time.


It is also possible the hub is stuck in the bearings. In which case remove bearing housing from the de Dion "ear", pull the whole lot off the end of the drive shaft. The hub can then be pressed out of the bearings on a bench. [Care that you don't pull the drive shaft out of the diff unless it is supported as when it falls it can damage the diff seals.]


On reassembly a thin smear of HMP bearing grease on the splines and bearing mating surface should stop it sticking in future.






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