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Carbon nose (cracked).


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Not horrendously so, but enough to make me cry when I did it a couple of years ago.


I would have thought it would repair OK if you're going to paint it all (currently Lotus Norfolk Mustard with a nose band and strip to the badge area).


Open to offers on this. If they're all really silly then I'll hang on to it as a reminder what the middle peddle is for.


Edited by - andy murphy on 26 Jun 2002 23:23:10

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Received a few mails now.




IMO it's unlikely to look great repaired and left bare. Hence I bought another nose. Painted I reckon you wouldn't be able to tell.


I honestly have no idea of what it's worth. There was a thread for one a while back so I'll make some enquiries to try and find out.


I'll take some pics this weekend and let those interested have a look.


Barry - received and will be in touch with pictures etc. Ta.

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