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Zetec manifolds

John Gaines

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Does anyone out there have experience of the different inlet manifolds available for throttle bodies in terms of cost, quality of fit and size from face to face. Burtons have a Zetec manifold that is 90mm face to face, has anyone fitted one of these? How far did the filters sit out of the bonnet?



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I think you will find that most of the manifolds are cast by the same company and are pretty much the same. I use an injection setup bought from Scholar Engines which included everything for about £1300 inc VAT


Filter length I don't know cos I have a Westfie1d


The car in front is a Westfie1d wink.gif

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I have a carb set up but understand that there are two length of inlet manifold - long and short, I have managed to fit the long one (just, and have to remove the forward air filter to remove the bonet) - I bought it cheap from someone who was fed-up at having to do this - it is tight.


However, from a performance point of view the long manifold is superior.


I imagine TBs are shorter than carbs?


Should you wish I can measure the manifold I have.





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I have the inlet manifold from Raceline. Not sure if it is bespoke or not but from memory it is 60mm face to face and is nice and short, although I have yet to get to the stage of re-fitting the bonnet. I am runing DCOE's also.... call them on 01483 811978 for any extra info and what they run their TB on.


Phil Waters

Zetec is in and running wink.gif

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