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Exhaust, duff cat, MOT. Wanted Friendly MOT Place near wokingham


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Hi All,


Just got a 4-2-1 EBD exhaust with a raceco silencer for my 2001 SuperLight to replace the 4-1 inside the body Caterham item. Thinking I was being clever, I got Graham at EBD to cut-n-shunt the old silencer [that includes a cat] so it could be fitted back on to the new primaries for the MOT.


MOT time comes around [whilst my car is being serviced at the Caterham Factory]. I bolt on the old silencer [including cat] and bugger me but it fails the emission check. The view from the Factory is the cat is knackered.


So, can the collective wisdom of blatchat help.


Does anyone know any ‘friendly’ MOT places near Wokingham?


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Simon - you can use my original standard cat and manifold if you want?


also Wingfield engineering at winnersh (next to siansubrys on the wokingham/reading road) are used to caterhams, they will do the test 'proper' but they are fair...


also as you have an LSD Jeff will be delighted in having to take your car out to test the brakes *eek*


tel 0118 9781519





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