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Lower balljoint worn


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The 7 just failed the MOT on excess play in the lower front ball joint. I've managed to get it through the test by tightening the nut and taking up the slack, but I suspect the real job of replacing it will have to be done. I tried calling the tech advice line at the factory but they were busy and promised to get back to me - never did *mad*.

How do I go about doing this job? The "pin" part is part of the hub casting - hopefully I won't have to replace the whole lot! Are the joints also part of the wishbone or are they replaceable? If so is a simple job to change them - they look like they are pressed in which DIY less simple.

Any tips?

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I searched...but for "balljoint" so didn't find that one...useful though.

You can access the nut without undoing the top BJ. Once the car is jacked up with the road wheel off place an axle stand in front and behind the wishbone with a sturdy pice of wood running between them and below the top wishbone. Then lower the car onto the wishbone - worked fine for my std wishbone. I suppose there might be a risk of bending the weedier aero wishbones...

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Jp, Undo the nut, jack up the front take the wheel off undo the circlips pull out the upright then you support the wishbone and knock them out ( a bit of WD40 or the like is always a big help ) with a 3/8" socket extension. make sure that you clean everything before monting the new ball joint. Lets say 1/2 work.


A loose nut indicates a worn balljoint.


I just hope that you dont have what i had the last time i changed one, the eye's of the circlip where missing and the whole thing rusted solid luckely i have a hardened steel sort of grinder that was harder than the balljoint but i took me allmost 2h to get it all out inc. the circlips with was the hardest to get out without damage. Ofcoarse it had to take the wishbone off.

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I have about 1.5mm vertical play on mine, although I didnt check to see if the nut was moving. I checked it by jacking up the wishbone and using a long bar to lift the wheel slightly and watching the ball moving in the top of the joint


I'm assuming this means the joint is worn or do i need to check it again but this time keep an eye on the nut ?



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