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Vauxhall 2.0i XE radiator repair

John Clements

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The nosecone on my HPC appears to have gradually worn away the bottom left corner (facing the car from the front) of my rad. This must have happened gradually over a long period of time.

I took the nosecone off last Sunday day and noticed a very shiny spot in the corner of the rad, in front of the drain plug. All I had to do was rub this very slightly and hey presto, a jet of coolant appeared. The worn area was paper thin! I have a standard radiator fitted.


I have three questions:

1. Has anybody else with a similar car (1994 2.0i XE HPC) experienced anything similar?

2. Can anybody recommend a good radiator repair facility in the South East?

3. If not, before I go off to purchase new, does anybody have a standard rad for this car as a spare that they would be willing to sell?


Thanks in advance for any advice.


John C



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John - Try Radicool on Medway City Estate, Rochester. 01643 711480. I used them when I thought that I had a problem with the rad on my last 7. It turned out that the rad wasn't at fault but they flow tested it, cleaned it and painted it so it was like new. Total cost £0

They wouldn't charge me as thay hadn't repaired it! - good guys.




Red '91 VX HPC

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Re Q1 I have a 1995 2.0 VXi. The rad went pop at the side one day a couple of years ago on the motorway. The water dropped out so fast that at motorway speeds, open top, I did not notice till it had overheated and started to lose power. The engine was fine with a light head skim, but still it was annoying expense to sort out.


I was told that these rads weren't that great, and replaced with a newer ally model. Engine runs 5 degrees cooler now. I still have the old one. I decided not to repair it but I believe this can be done. You are welcome to it if you want it if you fetch itor cover postage. I'm in central london.

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Thanks Steve.


I will try and get mine repaired, but if that doesn't work out I may consider a newer ally type.

I was quite shocked when I saw how vunerable the rad had become, as just a couple of weeks ago I did a round trip to Birmingham, all motorway driving, so feel quite lucky that it held out until now. Sounds like you were unlucky with your experience.

Out of interest, did you get your ally rad from CC?



John C

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