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Tacho signal on emerald

Dave McCulloch

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Sorry for all the posts, but the problems are all coming to light...


Do I need to "enable" the tacho output on the emerald somewhere? I ran the old engine (on old wiring loom) with the emerald briefly, and the tacho worked - but that simply fed the ignition coil wire to the tacho, as it had a distributor. The new engine is wasted spark, and hence I ran pin 12 from the emerald to the tacho wire in the engine to car loom connector. I've checked this wire with a multimeter and it's fine.


The other possibility is I disturbed the connector on the back of the tacho when I was messing with the wiring behind the dash...



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Not as far as I'm aware.


In the Events tab, there is an option for the 'tacho driver' - but ISTR this turns the tacho telltale on or off (the needle races to the max RPM recorded on power-up)...


...you *probably* don't want this though - there's a bug in the SW that can lead to a totally erratic (and intermittent) tacho needle during normal usage - I thought I had a loose connection as the needle would dance randomly - but someone said that Karl had suggested turning the telltale off - and low and behold, it worked!


Project Scope-Creep is live...


Alcester Racing 7's Equipe - 🙆🏻



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