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Alloy Block

Peter T

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Burton Power have ali blocks for BD's & x/flows which may be the same.


They have 1600 x/flow 711m bores upto 84mm. Lotus Twin Cam or 1500 pre-x/flow bore to 88mm and Siamese bore version "tall" block (BDA/BDG, 1600 x/flow etc)


These are £3055 plus machining at £352.50 (plus VAT)


The BDG 2 litre alloy block is £3877.50


All are cast in L169 Aluminium.


So, all in all, I guess it would be not much change from 5k.


Norman Verona, 1989 BDR 220bhp, Reg: B16BDR, Mem No 2166, the full story here

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