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Silicone Brake Fluid


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Need to bleed the brakes after fitting goodridge hoses upto the calipers on my dedion and would like to use silicone brake fluid. Have always used traditional type brake fluid.


Are there any problems putting silicone in after ordinary fluid?



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I did a bit of research into this and it's a bit like the argument of Slack50/8TP/Leave it alone. It's not a simple go faster mod. Can't find all the techy articles right now, but like Martin says, flush well. But heed the words of the oldbutnotslow. There's Old pilots and Bold pilots, but no Old Bold pilots. (That's someone elses words). Susser (1/2 🙆🏻 Pilot)


Edited by - susser on 21 May 2005 22:21:57

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