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Removing FIA Roll Bar - Help Please


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I have just taken delivery of a Caterham passenger side harness and when I went to fit it, I have discovered that the bolt for the shoulder straps will not go in to the pre drilled hole 'cos the FIA bar is in the way.


I have now found that I need to remove the roll bar. I have loosened all the bolts holding it on only to find that it still does not move !


So I now know that it is bolted from below also, and I have to remove the rear suspension to get at the lower bolts.


This prospect fills me with fear, so does anyone have any tips for this process ?

Are the bolts easy to find etc, will they be seized up (I think I know the answer !....), how do I un-seize them ? etc etc


Thanks in advance



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  • Support Team

Dicky - are you sure you need to take the FIA bar off to fit the harness? The harness should share one of the FIA bar bolts. IIRC you require a slightly longer bolt to go through both the harness and the FIA bar mounting plate. See Section 7 Page 6 of the on line build manual here.


Yellow SL *cool* #32

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