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VX 2.0 engine spares

daniel smith

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I am offering to club members before going to Ebay. Some parts do not have prices as I do not know what they are worth. Offers invited on anything as need to fund additional engine rebuild!


Coscast (Cosworth) cylinder head, lightly ported on inlets. Stripped.

Engine block. Requires re-bore. £80. stripped.

DCOE 48 Weber carbs with filters. Excellent condition. £600.

Caterham inlet manifold. £60

Piper Cams (633).

Cam cover. £25.00

Spark plug cover. £15

Helix 4 paddle clutch plate.

Clutch pressure plate assembly.

Facit fuel pump. £20

Pistons, standard. £80

Con rods. set. £50

Distributor, coil, etc.

Most other parts available, please enquire.


Please use my profile for queries.



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