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Weather Gear & Other Bits

Nick Chan

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All prices are plus carriage or I will try to bring them to a local area meet if more convenient.


Standard (i.e. not high visibility) hood and doors from older seven. Good condition and no rips or tears that I can see. Complete with drivers mirror. £SOLD.


K&N Jupiter 6 x 14" wheels (also called K&N Diamonds) complete with A539 tyres in good condition. 5 off. £SOLD.


Plus a set of knee trim panels and 2 pairs of sill protectors that have all been "adjusted" to fit with a roadsports cage i.e. the sill protectors are approximately 2" shorter than standard to fit behind the support leg fixing that clamps at the front of the sill. The knee trim panels have been cut down to fit alongside the cage mounts at the base of the scuttle. The RH one has been cut to fit with the battery cut off switch. Not brilliant condition but they do tidy up the mess that you usually see under the dash. One set of sill protectors have been powder coated black as I hadn't realised they were shortened until I came to fit them on to my blackpacked car.... Needless to say they are in as new condition. Say, £15 for this little lot?


FIA cage headrest with brackets (fits narrower cage tubes only and not FIA bars as I found out recently ). Headrest is padded with a high density foam already. £SOLD


1 x Brand New & Unused Lifeline 1 litre fire extinguisher with mounting bracket £SOLD









Now the Orange HPC - A 2.0 VX - 😬


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