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Curborough on Saturday

Steve Robinson

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Just a note to say two things:


Firstly, a huge thanks to Rob for letting me drive his car. I think it will end up costing me £16k as I now HAVE to have a superlight but there you go. Cheers Rob *thumbup*


Secondly, I wanted to congratulate David on a superb drive to win class 3. You didn't seem to have a bad run all day, nice one.


It was great to see you all on the day and a timely reminder of why my thoughts of not needing to compete were so utterly wrong.


Edited to add in the third thing which is to thanks all who helped make the day possible as well. Superbly run as always. *thumbup*


See you all soon




Edited by - steve robinson on 16 May 2005 08:15:27

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