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Bullet Cam to Panasonic GS200 Anyone done it?

New Cat

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Having trouble connecting an RF Concepts supplied bullet cam to my Panasonic GS200 (Av in equiped) anyone out there with this specific camera done it? The manual for av-in connections seems quite useless.


Please email if you have sucessfully connected this combo.



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Hi Trevor, its Jon from team Jaguar yesterday 😬


I just cannot get the bullet cam to work with the camera at all on record mode (using a maplin supplied Panasonic 3.5" jack to phono cable and BNC/phono convertor). It produces an intermittant iamge with a lot of interference on the playback mode but nothing at all in regualr tape record mode.


I could do with checking the camera menu settings with someone with this camera, its a official Dubai import - I don't think this will make any difference...?



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Plug the connector from the bullet cam into the AV in of the camera.


set the rotarty dial switch to the greeen arrow (playback setting) on the camera.


Press play and record at the same rtime on your remote


or open the screen out and press the 2 small white round buttons on the display (I think one of the buttons says backlight)


it will then record as long as you have power going to the bullet cam.


Once you have stopped recording, stay on playback setting , rewind tape and press play.

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Thanks guys, I'm confident all is well now, I've got an image on the playback setting. Just didn't know beforehand that I needed to be on the playback setting 😳


1994 1.7 Supersprint De-dion X-Flow. Yellow with black cycle wings

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