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XFlow - oil pickup height

J A T Richardson

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My car seems very prone to running out of oil under hard barking or cornering - and that's with decidedly non-sticky tyres. I'm wondering if my oil pick in the sump is too high. If my calcs are right, then a 12mm dia pipe should be at least 3mm above the bottom of the sump; the question is; what is the best height (I suspect 4-5mm). The sump is baffled and in reasonable nick.


All comments most welcome




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Is this a new problem? If so what have you changed?


Is there enough oil in the system?


What sort of warning are you getting? If it is a Big Red Light, maybe the sender is set at the wrong pressure.


If you are using a standard ford set up, then I would have thought the sump to pick up distance would be standard.




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