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Zetec ignition problem

andy oliver

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Engine suddenly refused to start due to no spark. It has the standard Ford distributerless ignition system and an ECU. The coils work OK and the wiring and power supply seem OK which only leaves the ECU and crank speed sensor. I would have thought it unlikely that the ECU has failed so I am beginning to suspect the crank speed sensor. Is there an easy way to check it and is there another possible problem I may have missed ?.

All suggestions gratefully received.

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Peter, I thought the CPS as well but replacing it with a new one hasn't helped. The manufacturer reckons ECUs either work perfectly or not at all. There doesn't seem to be any fuel being injected either so it's starting to look like the ECU at fault although I believe this is rare. The manufacturer will test it for a mere £110 but I can't see any alternative. C'est la guerre!
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