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VVC Engine

Chris Shanahan

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Some help needed if possible.


I have an 1800 vvc engine using the standard rover ECU and alarm. The car originally had a 1400k in it and I upgraded to the above.


The wiring loom was altered to take the VVC engine loom and alarm. This was carried out by a mobile electrician. He has removed the original alarm and installed the alarm box etc that came with the VVC ecu.


The car runs but will not rev above 5500rpm and the alarm does not work. The alarm clicks away as if it is trying to but nothing happens.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated; I am wondering is it in some form of "getting you home mode" as the alarm is not working.







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The wiring for the VVC mechanism isn't connected properly. If the ECU sees a VVC related fault it lowers the rev limit to prevent the variable gubbins doing anything nasty.


Not sure about the alarm but it sounds like that isnt connected correctly either.


When I fitted mine I got Caterham to modify the stock Rover VVC loom to suit the Caterham installation, they were more than happy to do it (for a fee).



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