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Clocking a Caterham Speedo!!!!!!!


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I have just swapped my Yellow dials for a set of black ones as I have bought a Elliot Tacho and gone down the mechanical oil pressure gauge route, both of which are black. I need to wind back the mileage on the Black Speedo by about 3k miles to the mileage that my original speedo had on it. Anyone know how to do this?
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the requirement is to have a mechanism by which your speed and distance is recorded. A bike speedo will suffice for this (so long as it is lit). You can get your car through the SVA with the bike speedo.


If you want to be really conscientious, ensure you have the exising speedo at home, and make sure you keep all your MOT certificates. You may also want to notify your insurance company if you are on a limited mileage insurance policy (they'll probably ignore it, but at least you can prove you've shown due diligence).


Personally, I think giving details of how to clock Caterham speedos on a public Caterham forum would be a bit irresponsible.



1400 Supersport with 6 gears and clamshell wings *smile*

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Clocking a speedo is not legal either, even turning it back, you are not supposed to tamper with it in any way *cool*


Once its been tampered with, when you sell the car, who's to say what the correct reading is *eek*

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