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Wheels: Revolution race rims (light weight) and full wets

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Set of 4 Revolution race rims (Dedion PCD = 4.25", refurbed so look fine, straight, round and true, sprayed silver). Much lighter than standard road going Revolutions or Minilights or Minators.


2 of 13 x 6

2 of 13 X 6.5


16 revolution nuts for Ford stud (typical Dedion) thread with washers.


Offsets suitable for Caterham, there are also spacers if needed to fit over big brakes at the rear. I have big brakes front and back and they fit fine.


Fitted with a set of full race wets in good condition, plenty of tread left, soft.


These would be great for either a spare set of wet weather wheels for track use or for someone who wants a dedicated track set in these sizes and will replace the wets with a different tyre.


£180 the lot.





shrewdcookie - my Caterham site

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I don't have any photos of the wheels to hand. The design is as per the standard race revolutions which you can see here http://www.tyresave.co.uk/revorace.html


They are the four spoke design (the top one in the link), mine are in all silver. These are pretty popular wheels to paint so I guess you could cheaply have any style you wanted.


I can get some photos sorted this evening but I've had people interested today so they may get sold sooner rather than later.


First to say I'll take them wins *smile*


I am based in Warlingham, about a mile from Caterham itself - junction 6 of the M25






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I'll post sizes tonight.


Petrolhead, I know you have an irrational objection to open threads in the for sale section but you can't just buy everything that comes up in the hope of closing the thread. 😬


That said, I will of course happily supply the wheels and tyres in exchange for cash and a promptly closed thread will follow...


shrewdcookie - my Caterham site

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