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SMART Repairs in W. Sussex

Neil Williams

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*thumbup* Peter Cook, trades as "PaintNet" 07799 621001 - lives in Horsham and I guarantee that you won't get a better paint finish *wink* he does repairs for all the main dealers in the area including the Rolls Royce place in Pulborough *thumbup*


tell him Peter Gutteridge said Hi and buy him a beer *wink* 😬


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Many thanks for the contact details. I'll be giving PaintNet a call on Monday morning. Does Peter Cook he have his own facilities or does he work from the back of a van?



Neil *smile*


Edited by - Neil Williams on 8 May 2005 21:30:33

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Peter Cook touched up my car (if you forgive the pun!) on Wednesday, what a great job. He fixed two small scuffs on the front bumper, did all the stone chips plus some polishing out of some other small marks.

Many thanks to Peterg for providing the contact details.



*thumbup* *thumbup* *smile*


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