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Attaching mirrors to perspex aero - Updated with fitting details.


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Update with details of fitment...see end of this post

Right now the weather's warmed up a bit the full screen's come off and the aero is fitted.


SWMBO kindly bought me a pair of Spa mirrors at christmas which I now need to fit.


1 - How many of you have drilled the perspex and fitted mirrors to it rather than fitted them to the scuttle?

2 - What's the best technique to avoid cracking?

3 - How do you deal with the fact that the aero doesn't have a fully flat surface to mount them on?

4 - Any other advise?


ps. Yes I did a search but didn't find what I wanted to know.


Fitment Details

OK first one successfully fitted. After experimenting on an old no. plate with various bits in the Dremel and also using a drill I decided that the best option was to use the Dremel on it's slowest speed fitted with a tapered green stone bit which happened to have a max diameter that was just right.


Once this had gone through the perspex I then finished the hole using a piece of fine wet'n'dry rolled up and poked through the hole.


This achieve a really fine finish with not burrs on either side of the screen.


Fitment of the mirror was then done using the countersunk M5 bolts supplied with the mirrors and these were done up with a couple of the rubber rivnuts I got from KayTee for fixing rear wings *thumbup*. To cope with the curvature of the screen I used a small piece of inner tube cut to shape as a washer under the lower fitting.


This means the fittings on the cockpit side of the screen are black in keeping with the aeroscreen.


All I need to do now is go for a drive tomorrow to prove it's all ok and then fit the nearside mirror in the same way.


First Blat

Just been out for a short blat this mroning. Wow what a difference *thumbup*. Aero mounted mirror is rock solid and the whole experience is superb 😬. I'd driven the car with the areo at Goodwood in December but since reverted to full screen for road use. Now hopefully the full screen won't go back on until the winter *cool*.


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1 me *smile*

2 you could square off the cutting edges of the drill bit or just take it really slow so it doesn't burst out the back, practice on some old number plates (I've got some here if you need one)

3 rubber gasket

4 drill an extra hole in the centre so you can do up the locking allen bolt on the Spa mirrors, if you don't you'll swear lots, just ask Angus 😬



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I have just fitted F2 SPA mirrors but ended up fixing them to the side of the scuttle as I couldn't get the angle correct if fitting to the side of my aero.


I also wondered about the extra weight and if the vibration would crack the aero?


Fitting to the scuttle was dead simple, loads of room behind for nuts etc.


I did make a rubber gasket out of bicycle repair sheet to help the fit!



VX Power

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Cheers Mark,


Sounds like good advice. And yes I have some old number plates to practice on as my car, currently on an R plate, was for 6 months or so on an 04 plate. Lasted until DVLA got their act together *confused*.



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I have done this to my old perspex aero, Jason's aero and RiF carbon aero's.

Mask and mark up accurately.

Drill with a new sharp drill slowly.

I mounted mine using nylon M5 bolts. They don't need to be very tight...

I use a thin backing plate of carbon and some washers to give some load spread and extra stiffness.

On the perspex ones I used a 1mm thick cut out from a rubber sheet to give some conformance.


I only had one slight crack after someone walked into the mirror. Didn't show and didn't get any worse.

The carbon screens are much tougher in that respect of course.


Vibration is not a problem as a any speed the air pressure stabilises the mirrors.


Hants (North) and Berkshire Area club site here

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*thumbup* thanks Steve. Points noted. I'll get meself a nice new drill bit then. I did wonder if the mighty Dremel would be a suitable tool but I suspect given it's speed even on the slowest setting it would melt it's way through the perspex. Still would this be a good thing? It would perhaps reduce the cracking risk *confused*



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There's drilling slowly and drilling slowly.

I should have been more precise. A reasonable speed on the drill. Probably about half speed

that 14.4V or 18V drill can achieve and then making slow/careful progress through the material. Reasonable speed and it should not catch.


Hants (North) and Berkshire Area club site here

My racing info site





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