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Nurburgring Xflow Decibel


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Obviously depends on the exhaust. I had a 1700xf with rear exit exhaust and was frequently well, well over 95 dB. Now have a 4:1, side exit much quieter Techcraft, and was still recorded as 95 or 98dB at the Longcross sprint.

Mind you they were doing the noise test near a bloody great brick wall! *confused*

So, although my xf is not exactly standard any longer, I doubt many will be less than 95dB.

If you are near a trackday where they definitely test eg Goodwood, you could always pop along and ask them to check it for you.


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When we were there the other week we just made sure that we did not make lots of noise whilst we were in the car park (both our R400's are around 108/110dB) and all was ok. Just ensure that you pull away from the barriers slowly and only plant your right foot down once you have negotiated the cones .........


One chap who did enter the car park at speed and kept blipping his throttle did NOT make it onto the circuit


R400 .......... I love it

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AFAIK the limit has been there for some time, but on our visit last year we did not see anyone lurking with a meter (and there were plenty of LOUD machinery around). The story I heard was that it was introduced for the benefit of the 'local noise abatement society' and that when asked the 'Ring just produces a list of successful tests (probably something to do with selective testing 😬). Could just be urban myth though *confused*


Chris Alston

1800 Supersprint here New, improved version! Updated Jan '05

Drive it like you stole it! *eek*


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