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L7 ***, Blue, M25 Eastbound nr High Wycombe at 2200


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Someone beeped at me around that time in a Focus, but I was on the M4 near Maidenhead and my reg is J2 *** - strange the same thing happened to me, were you lost? High Wycombe is on the M40 and a few junctions away from the M25 *confused*


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Lol, I'd be worried if I was! First time i've used M4 instead of A303 for a couple of months, but I still ran the M4 at least twice a week for the last 2.5 years!


More a case of being a bit of a muppet than being lost! 😬

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With my 1.6 litre Focus? Not likely! It may make a lot of noise, but in the words of my best friend Toby, its 'all fart, no poo' 😬 😬 😬


Was too busy winding up the git in the kevved up Civic that had '200 bhp' written in the back window. If that had 200bhp, then i've unknowningly had a jet engine fitted to my car

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