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Bullet Cam - which bits to buy?

New Cat

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I'm finally getting round to ordering a bullet cam to attach to my Panasonic GS200. Besides the camera, what do I need? (almost certainly ordering from RF Concepts).


1) Bullet cam connector convertor? The camera AV input looks like a mini jack (like a headphone socket)

2) Do I need a cigarette lighter to bullet cam lead? (I plan to power the GS200 cam just with batteries)

3) What is the best means of connecting the bullet cam to the rollbar?


Thanks *cool*



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you actually get the converter with the bullet cam (I did despite the inference from the website)

it adapts the bnc bullet cam output to a phono socket.

You will need a way of powering the bullet cam:

If you are buying the cam on its own (eg without the box of bits) then you could get the battery pack as an individual item - it holds 8x1.5 aa cells and has the 2.1mm DC jack plug to connect to the bullet cams power lead.

I have made up a power lead for my car to power all the items I need. which is another option - saves you having to worry about the battery life.

After looking around the various blatchat threads - including Angus's site I chose a relatively cheap clamp from Jessops (about 13 pounds - their code JESCTT) Long term I think I will go for something more robust. I wanted something fairly cheap initially after spending a lot of dosh out on the cars this month


Your post has prompted me - I need to contact RF concepts about changing my LANC controller...(I got the wrong version for my camera)


edited to add: You'l need a lead to connect to whatever socket your camera uses for it's AV input. the adaptor they provide is a BNC to phono.


James T(1.8 SV)


Edited by - James Tricker on 4 May 2005 14:12:53

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