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After a couple of sprints on predominantly right hand bend circuits the passenger side tyres on my car are looking a bit the worse for wear and need replacing. Trouble is they're Bridgsetone RE720s and they don't make 'em any more ☹️


Yoko A539s seem to be the List 1a tyre of choice now - does anyone have any opinions?


Also, 'cos I'm not rolling in cash at the moment I really only want to replace the two tyres that have had it rather than all four. Any thoughts on whether having RE720s on one side and A539s on the other will affect the handling?





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I would strongly suggest you DON'T fit 2 types of tyre to your car in that orientation - if you have split then at least fit two of one type on the front, and two of the other on the back - IF they are similar tyres, though even that could be dodgy in some cases.

I was more impressed than I thought I would be with some 539's I had on our car for the last few months...


Big update!


80,000miles in 3 years plus


Edited by - angus&tessa on 3 May 2005 15:10:42

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