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Happy handle Mk1


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Okay its a hydraulic handbrake


It bolts to the floor on the passenger side of the car and goes into the rear brake line.


Lets you flick the rear end of the car round by locking the rear wheels when autotesting.


I can supply pics if you want. i am selling as Mk2 will be built and installed after seeing that Mk1 works perfectly but i want something smaller and lighter. mk1 is made from steel and has a nice plastic handle.


So call it £50 for everything box, handle and hydraulic cylinder. 😬


Sod the heater wheres my shades

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Could be interested - piccies please?


Any reason why this wouldn't/couldn't fit a live axle (drum) Ital?


Any issues with the MoT man - could I use this and lose the old under dash "token gesture" handbrake?


BRG and 180 Zetec horses - what could be nicer?

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