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front cycle wing reglue

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The front right cycle wing detached itself from the stanchions that hold it on over the weekend.


They have been glued on and the glue is still intact but the epoxy coat is not attached to the metal arms :-(


what glue should I use to reaattach these?


I plan to clean up the rust and repaint with POR or hammerite then reglue the wing back on.


Can you anyone give me any advice on this?



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There are many thoughts on the best solution for this. My preference and that of many others is to use bighead fasteners glued to the underside of the wings using Sikaflex 292 and then tie wrapped onto the wing stays.


This means they will be secure whilst allowing easy removal if required for any maintenance.


Plenty of references in the archives to the above products.



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FWIW - and without rehashing all the old threads on the subject....


I re-attached a wing using the Wirth stuff (you can find a link to this from a previous thread that I posted on). I've run it pretty much up to the car's maximum speed on trackdays, on windy days, in the rain, etc., etc. It's never budged and never looked like budging. In fact, it's clearly never going to budge. And you don't get holes in the top of the wing. I think other's have reported the same experience with the Silkaflex equivilent.


If you lightly sand down the top of the wingstay, so the glue has something to key in to, it's a very safe way to fix the wing to the stay.





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