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Halfords car Cover


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yep i have one bought it a year ago.


nice and soft on the underside so no scratching of car.


But one year on it looks a bit dog eared with a few holes in it where it has been rubbing against sharp bits, also unless you have something over the cage it tends to collect puddles which leak through onto the seats.


not the most secure fitmant either and has gone off looking for something else to cover.



But that said it has survived a year outside in scotland so for the price it doesn't seem too bad.


Sod the heater wheres my shades

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I've had one for three months now. It's survived snow, frost and high winds. *thumbup*


The car is not scratched or eroded by the cover, and the fact it's breathable means virtually no condensation.


One tip - if you are expecting high winds pull the cover under the wheels once you have it over the car to create a snug fit front and back.


Good luck! *smile*


Ash Bailey. MISSION ABORTED - Gone for a pint! *tongue*

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