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Slipping clutch


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Clutch has started slipping on my R500 when the power comes in as she comes on cam at 6000rpm or so. Very frustrating. I had a problem with oil leaking from the conning tower and running over (and into) the bell housing. I have cured the leak (PTFE tape), but think the clutch plate has become oil contaminated. If this is the case, will it "clean itself" now the oil leak is stopped or is it a case of once contaminated always contaminated?


Or, is it just that the clutch needs adjustment? Clutch take up is very high on the pedal. Dos this get worse or better as the clutch plate wears?


Any thoughts please?

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The clutch take up position is all to do with the angle the cable makes at the pedal. Some pedal positions pull the cable in very straight line, so pull a lot of cable for very little pedal motion. These setups have a heavy pedal, and actuation right at the top of travel (my preferred setup; although I use hydraulic now it gives the same sort of feel).


Check the clutch arm at the bell housing to see if it has free travel to relax further away from the clutch plates. If it is jammed in the end of its slot this will cause clutch slippage and is a result of wear. Most oil contamination tends to sort itself out pretty quickly - it gets spun or burnt off - but it might just be enough to cause problems with a clutch that is marginal at handling the output of the R500 engine.

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Just went through this mess and tried to burn off some oil that had crept into the bellhousing. But it got only worse over time. I gave up and when I finally took the clutch out I could see some black carbonized deposit streaks on the clutch surface. I suppose I could have tried to burn them off until the cows come home and in the process ruined my flywheel.





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