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Tyre size choice


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Right, I have now decided on getting AO48s fitted but I'm not sure which size to get. The car is currently on 14 inch rims but there is also a 13 inch set available.


The current 14 inch wheels have 185 55 R14 tyres and I was thinking of changing to 185 60 R13. I checked this on a tyre calculator and it would lower my ride height by 3mm.


However, as I'm worried about potentially bottoming out would it be best to fit the new tyres onto the 14 inch wheels using 185 60 R14 sizes as this would give me an extra 10mm ish ground clearance.


Or should I stop worrying, and just get the smaller, lighter, cheaper tyres and look out for the pot holes/bumps?





(I should add that this worry is caused by the fact that I have not yet picked up my first caterham yet, just 5 days to go, and in 2 blats that I have been a passenger on I have seen 2 sumps get smashed *eek*..........mine is dry sumped though....)


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Mine didn't! (bottom that is)


Why not wait till you've got the car, do a few miles and then worry about tyres. I can't remember if you have an adjustable platform, can you?


Are you joining us at Elvington next Saturday? If so theer will be plenty of advice there.


Norman Verona, 1989 BDR 220bhp, Reg: B16BDR, Mem No 2166, the full story here

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Not sure about Elvington next Saturday yet, I have LOADS of work on but depending on how much I get done I might *wink*


No, can't remember if it had adjustable platforms but I have a feeling it hasn't, that will be a factor probably.


A set of 13 inch AO48s can be had for under £250 though, you have to admit that is tempting *smile*



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I know you said you had decided on Yoko A048's .... but how about Toyo Proxes R888 185/60/R13@£44 fitted incl vat.


There are a few threads that compare them quite favourably with the 48's ... I am goin to gibve them a go at next tyre change *thumbup*

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A bit of a trek from E.Sussex but anyway .......


Eclipse Tyre Services

unit 3

Arden Road

Arden Road Ind Est


B49 6HW



alternatively put http://www.toyo.co.uk/ in your browser, pop in your postcode and do a bit of ringin around *thumbup*



Edited to say 205/60/R13's were £72 fitted, inc vat when I phoned them...


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I've been running 13" 048's with 65mm sump clearance with no probelms - CC recomend 75mm though.


If I may hijack the thread slightly ...


if you're interested in a set of part worn 48's I have 2no. 13"x6" and 2no. 13"x 7" with about 1000 miles on - so plenty of tread left. You can have them for £75 + a contribution to NTL + p&p. Drop me a line if you're interested.


hijack off and apologies if I caused offense *smile*

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If it's any help, I've been running 185/60/14s on my car for the last 4 years without any problems. For the last 18 months these have been A048Rs.


I've had no problems at all with ground clearance. You can also fit 195/60/14s if you want a bit of extra grip on circuits!



1400 Supersport with 6 gears and clamshell wings *smile*

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I have about 120bhp in a Se7enesque car - can anyone offer a guess for how many miles I'd get from a set of A048R' with all weather road use.



Justin *cool*


A closed mouth gathers no foot.

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😳 scrub that .... I went to order some R888's, I had been qoted prices for Toyo CF's *mad*


R888 prices....


185's = 70 (inc vat +fitting)

205's = 82 (inc vat +fitting)


🙆🏻 🙆🏻 🙆🏻 🙆🏻 🙆🏻 🙆🏻 🙆🏻 🙆🏻 🙆🏻 🙆🏻 🙆🏻 🙆🏻 🙆🏻 🙆🏻

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