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Battery has boiled...why??


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I've been having electrical gremlins ever since I rebuilt the car last year but today takes the biscuit.


Was driving along when it started to spit with rain so I switched the wipers on (that had been working previously) and there was nothing. Fiddled about with the switch and fuses but still nothing. Due to lack of visibility and possible thunderstorms I turned round and headed home.


Then, some 25 miles later the wipers came on at full speed with the switch OFF and the engine started to splutter before dying (luckily I could freewheel into a large farm driveway off the road).

It then transpires that my battery has boiled 🤔


WHY 🤔 🤔 *confused* *confused*


All I've done since the wipers last worked was remove the windscreen (and therefore disconnected the heater element) and then replaced it.


I suspect that the wiper issue is a symptom and not a cause.


Please help before I have a John Cleese moment and thrash the living daylights out of the bl%dy thing *mad* *mad*


Keep off the straight and narrow *tongue* 😬

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I'd guess that, if the battery has boiled, either you've caused a massive short somewhere (and this would almost certainly manifest itself in burning smells/smoke), or your alternator could be seriously overcharging.


Hard to tell which at this distance.


Project Scope-Creep is live...


Alcester Racing 7's Equipe - 🙆🏻



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Did any lights glow brighter than normal? Always a good sign for an alternator overcharging. I think assuming this is a K series with std MEMS that the regulator will be part of the ECU. Best thing to do is check the voltage across the battery with the engine running. Should be about 14.2 volts. If it's much more then it's surely a regulator problem.



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