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N77JAD Fulham Road


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db 😬 I think you might have been out of luck on the spotted unless your detour was rather longer than you're letting on and happened to take in Cadwell Park racetrack in Lincolnshire 😳 *tongue* 😬 - as that was where Paul was today, along with about 70 other Caterhams and their owners!!!!
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As Caroline has said, I was off enjoying sliding around a rather damp Cadwell yesterday, but normal service is resumed now, so I'll be glued to the window!!!


If it would make you feel better just PM me your details and I'll post a 'Spotted' anyway *eek* 😬 *eek*

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Will be here till about 9. Then I'll be in the 7 myself. Maybe doing a flypast of Fulham Rd.


You have to come to the dead-end of ECS to be outside mine. Do what the twats do -- hoon it down fast, and the slam on the brakes as you realise the black bollard on a black background block the end of the road (my how we laughed to find a police rangerover on one one morning). You can then reverse loudly like a demon up the whole street. Gah.


Look out for school kids and that mitsubishi that will be doing the same thing...




My ... Preciousss!

Member #109**

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274? Are you in Angela Stanley?


I'm just up the road on the corner of Hollywood Road and Fulham Road.


Maybe we should have a 'mini' area meet and park our Caterhams outside The Sporting Page *cool*


Edited by - paulyb on 26 May 2005 10:37:17

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