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Dash mounted clock.


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The one thing I miss when out blatting is being able to know the time. This is especially a problem when fully togged up for a winter blat.


So I'm looking for recommendations for a slimline large digit clock that I can attach to the dash. Preferably it would have some form of backlight to allow use in the dark. Don't mind if it's powered from it's own battery of from the car's supply though if this is the case it's own battery as well would be good for when the master switch is off.


I know I could get a cycle computer but that's simply more than I need.



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VDO do an 'analogue' clock that matches the size/style of the small dials, and is backlit in the same way - sorry don't know a link for them I'm afraid!


Ian - MI 5EVN - Slightly Vider SVelte model 😬 now repainted to match the Autocom headsets 😳

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Greengauges.com can supply an anologue clock to match the other Caterham gauges. Service was good when I needed a new speedo and Caterham could not supply.


It works off the car battery and can be illuminated as the other gauges. You can always bypass the FIA switch for the clock power.


Of course weight may be a problem *thumbdown*



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Try a good motorcycle dealer. I got a stick on clock, not digital but its round, just smaller than a caterham guage and pointers can be read at night. There was a choice of colours, eg black pointers on white dial etc,. I think it was M&P motorcycles.
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