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Newby Question....


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you will be assigned a number prior to the event by the organisers, usually notified by post


over the years I have bought several packs of numbers from DT or GPR, I generally run out of 3's as I am a class 3 runner


people either keep buying more numbers, or make there own out of tape, printouts or even hand drawn *confused*


rob *smile*

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a set of "Final instructions" are usually issued 7 to 10 days before each event.

The Finals will normally include a full entry list, together with other information you will need to know about the event.

They will finalise the proccedure that you will need to follow on the day (often including detailed instruction on how to find the venue!), including a time schedule.

They may tell you your allocated parking space in the paddock.



Have you got entries in for any events yet?

Do you have a mentor to help you through your first event?


For my first event (Curborough may 2002), I planned to arrive at the time that scrutineering was due to start (Mistake number 1!). I was in the que for scrutineering when I should have been walking the course. I missed the opportunity to walk the course, but was driven around the track in the back of the Clerk of the Course's van. I arrived back in the paddock to find that, by that time, I should have been in the holding area ready to have my first practice run!

It was all a mad panic!


Moral to the tail - Get there early! - walk the course before scrutineering (walking the course is an important ritual!) - after scrutineering and signing on, relax and prepare yourself - listen to the PA system to hear when you should line up to go out for your run. - find what cars should be before and after you in the que (look at the entry list and any amendments - If you're say car 20 - there may not be a 19 or 18 - you may need to line up after No. 17), so that you know where you fit.


I hope that lot helps a little.


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Thanks Guys


I am booked in to the MIRA event and hope to be able to get to the Curborough event on the August BH. BigYin is my unofficial mentor, and he hopes to be at MIRA as well so I have some help. However I am willing to listen to anuy advice that is going.


So far I have


non-race B licence (with photo)

FIA race suit, socks, boots, gloves, type A helmet & balaclava

1.75l AFFF handheld extinguisher (with 6mm bolts)

put yellow tape on -ve battery cable (and engine to chassis cable). Boy, was the yellow tape hard to source

Put scrute sheet stickers on

Have white numbers (also have white sheet with black numbers if I have to use them)

timing strut


I am using the S-type seat headrests and as I have a VVC engine, I don't think I need a catchtank as it vents back into the crankcase I believe.


Is there anything else I have missed?


Do I need go-faster stripes? Or will the weight just slow me down?



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