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roller rockers for x/flow, any good


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I would like to know if a 1700 super sprint would benefit from roller rockers and would this help to reduce the noise it makes please.


X/FLOW 1700 DD 1990





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I went for them on mine. The main reason was some stories that the Kent 244 cam places a lot of sideways pressure on the valves, to the detriment of the valve guides. Having had to replace two sets of guides in recent years that did it for me.


Only downside was that they just hit the rocker cover. So, double paper gaskets raised the clearance. Except that it now weeps a little oil. *confused*


Now looking for a thicker gasket.



PS They do look the dogs' as well -(pity I don't have a see through rocker cover!)

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Roger King will doubtless be along to tell you that the standard ones are better for high rpm, but I think he means at 8000 rpm and more. They are no quieter than standard, but I like them because they take the side loads off the valves and the wear rate drops right down.


SEP field working, not spotted in 103,300 miles. Some photos on webshots, updated 25 Jan

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Just to muddy the water even more

I would certainly not be stupid enough to contradict Roger King but I have been running a 244 cam with roller rockers (presumably std ratio) for many years with no problems.

Engine was built by Vulcan

I did notice that one corner of one rocker had been filed down - just a mm or 2 and assume this was the clearance issue as I only use one gasget


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