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Really stupid question


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I have almost finished fitting my VVC conversion and I've done it without a modern loom and have combined the rover 200 loom into a 95 caterham loom *eek* I got the ignition on and the fuel pump etc working last night (didn't start it as fuel started to pi55 out the fuel pipe to injector rail....gonna investigate) but I suspect it wouldn't have worked anyway as I think I have a wire missing! Its the starter motor solonoid. I have the big red power cable to the starter and the small-ish cable from the mfru to solonoid...I still have a free spade terminal on the solonoid! Is this just an earth connection or is it supposed to be left like that? I suspect the former but wanted to check on here....Found what I think use to connect to it and I think its an earth but don't have my meter and thought I'd ask here for a quick answer.




(Lets hope she starts on friday!)



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