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X-flow pressurised cooling system

Jan Wulfsberg

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Followed the expert advice from very helpful posters on this great forum, and converted my X-flow to pressurised cooling system. Used a thermostat housing without a cap from Fiesta and expansion tank from Rover (from a breaker). Connected the output hose from the tank to the water pump intake from the heater using a T piece.

The result is great. 😬 The temperature reading varies between 80 and 85 deg. C, and never getting close to 100 deg. C as it often did before. This is the best £15 I have spent on my car.



Red/Ali - Live Axle - X-flow *cool*

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I did this a while ago. The temperature will certainly get up towards 100 when sitting in a traffic jam but will be controlled by the fan. The problem with the previous system was loss of water which might have exposed the thermostat, the new system doesn't let this happen. I still have to top up the header tank regularly but as it's the highest point (at least in my installation) I feel happier that there is no air anywhere in the system.


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