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Couple of cheap scooters

stephen grant

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These have both been hanging around in my garage for ages now, and arn't getting used, hence the sale. Neither have tax or an MOT.


1 x Sym Jet 49cc restricted scooter. Red with rather tacky "Red Devil" decals that look like they will peel off without too much effort. First registered November 2000, I'm the second owner and i've owned it since 2002 and done less than 50 miles on it since then. Has both electric and kick starts and comes with an outdoor cover. It's been dropped twice, so the bodywork is a bit scraped around the back, but it's nothing more than that. The battery, unsuprisingly, is now flat and knackered. Starts and runs fine with a jump from a battery pack, but realistically it's going to need a new battery. £300 ono.


1 x Honda Express Deluxe 49cc. First registered 1980, this is stylistically challenged, to say the least, but is actually in very reasonable nick and starts and runs just fine. It looks more like a chopper with a small engine than a modern scooter though. It runs on a 6v battery and has very low mileage. It's very retro and people tend to point and laugh a lot as you go by, especially if you have a full face lid on. I paid £200 for it in 2001, and have since then ridden it to the local train station a few times, but I really just need the space in the garage now. £50.





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Hello mightymetro. As far as I know, all that would need doing for an MOT on the Sym is a new battery and an adjustment to one of the brake cables. The brakes work fine, but one of the handles requires a flick after it's been released in order to turn the brake light off.


The only other problem i've found with it is that once, on an cold winter's day, the throttle started sticking a bit. Whilst unlikely to be a problem on the MOT front, i'd guess that whoever buys it should check it out - i'd guess it's either a cable that needs greasing or perhaps something on the carb was affected by the cold, but obviously you wouldn't want it to become a regular occurance.


What's the lowest I'd take for it? I suppose that if someone turned up sometime soon with £250 in their pocket, and took it away, i'd say "yes". I'd even throw in my spare oil and the outside cover for it. But I think it cost me £600 and i've only done a handful of miles on it, so I'm quite keen to avoid going any lower than that.





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