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4 bar oil pressure on hot Idle


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I have fitted a mechanical oil pressure gauge after losing faith in my third electric oil pressure sending unit. Thankfully the mechanical units is showing much lower pressure (previously reading 7 bar dropping to 5 bar on idle. It is now showing 5-5.5 bar but is only dropping to 4 bar when the oil is hot on idle. I have checked the relief value but this only really impact higher pressures. I have changed to 10-60w Castrol RS. Anyone have any ideas why it is reading so high?
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Carl , this is an area of concern for me too 😳

I have a Zetec which gave me all sorts of problems when the relief valve stuck shut.

The pressure went off the gauge and pumped the hydraulic tappets up so much the engine wouldnt run properly!

have changed the valve and it runs fine but idles at 5 on the gauge when warm and reaches 8 at high revs.

Dont know if this is a problem or not as the engine seems happy.

never sure with oil pressure how much is too much?

You could just ignore it if the engine is running fine

Wait for the response to that *biggrin*


suspension upgraded but fuel leak now!!

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