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Twin engine car z-cars


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I've just brough a house with my GF so its about time I grew up and sell my Westy, ok I know its not a caterham.

But where can you get 550BHP PT for £14,000.

out of a engine costing £500-£1000


Now this is no normal car this is a good as it gets. I've just spent most of the winter rubber coating the grp, improving the airflow in the engine bay and repanelling the whole car in carbon, most of it has been rewired, and its now better than ever. You know the schpeil but this really is ultra SWAN.


Fluke's Twin engine Westfield SEiW


1999 full rebuild in 2001



Westfield SEi Wide body '99 chassis


Strengthed and braced to accept 2 engines and provide sufficient stiffness to cope with the increased power


Caged FIA/MSA Homologated T45 Roll Cage.


Floor mounted pedals





2x Kawasaki ZX9R engines


2x Pipercross filters


2x Z-cars carbs


2x Tony Law exhaust manifolds


2x Carbon Fibre silencers (Sounds just like an F1 Car)


Hayward and Scott stainless steel polished brackets and custom pipes






Z-Cars transfer box to combine and transmit drive from the two six speed sequential boxes


Quaife ATB Alloy LSD diff 7" with Quaife Flanges. (fresh rebuild and seals)


Pumped oil cooling circuit and bearing retainer mods to help cooling and life of Transfer box


2x Bailey Morris custom propshafts, with torque tubes







All panels 2x2 twill prepreg bonded carbon-fibre.


Plays-Kool Seats Or Tillett



Willians Harness's 4 point pass, 6 point drivers (if I can find the crutch strap)


Carbon Fibre Tunnel cover



Custom made dash board


Elliot Tachos


Sparco 260mm D shape removeable stearing wheel




Brake System


Willwood Alloy 4 pot calipers


280mm vented crossed drilled disks


Willwood bias adjuster.




Engine bay


Part flat carbon fibre


Westfield high efficieny V8 alloy radiator


TAS 2.2 quick turn stearing rack


Mostly hoses braded with blue and red connector






ZX Orange body work


Ducted nosecone


Removeable rear arches


Cycle wings


Aero flush fuel cap


Cat motorsport Polly bushes


adjustable dampers.


Tim Duncan Aero screen


RFX Revolution split rims wheels


Toyo Proxes T1-S tyres








Custom made ducting


Custom made Anti-roll bars




This car is the best of the best, you will not find better.


Considerable time, effort and money has been spent on this car improving it's performance, handling and reliabilty over and well beond the orignal Z-Car spec.


This car has only been on local dry trips round the block since I have owned the car, I had done 1 local sprint in the car, the electrics have been upgraded as has some pipe work, the Diff has been rebuilt with a new crownwheel and pinion making it much more user friendly. The car has been fully flat floored setup.



Offers around the £14,000 mark

0780 123 3857

01245 257794



See my web page for photos.





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