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Help needed : Low flying report , novice and veteran experiences

Jason Plato

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Hi ,


Following on from this weekends fun, I would like to request that some of you folks help put together a report for Low flying rather than have me do it all again *wink*? .


As suggested earlier in the year by many competitors a short weekend summary ( 300 words) , a report on a novices experience and a report from an experienced driver? ( maybe 700 -1000 words) plus maybe a report from a marshall ? , I've got the photos sorted (thanks Caroline *thumbup*)


If you are willing to take a little time out to help me with thesse articles then please contact me to let me know asap , we could even meet the deadline for LF on 30th of this month !


If you could help it would realy be appreciated *smile* *thumbup*




Dave ( and the "revlimiter" Lisa )


C7 TOP *tongue*Powered by Hellier Performance 😬

South Wales AO *thumbup*


Edited by - Dave Jackson on 25 Apr 2005 08:01:04

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