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Stack Dash..Rev counter needle broken

Grim Reaper

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Bu@@er me if my Stack dash rev counter needle didn't snap off this morning *mad*

It went through its usual routine of buzzing when I turn the ignition on but it must have been too much for it 'cause the needle snapped off just as it meets the centre button leaving it dropped at the bottom of the case 🤔

Anyone else had this problem?

My rev counter has always made a buzzing sound (the needle vibrates against its stop) as it is turned on...is that normal? Could it be the Emerald doing something wrong and giving it jip? *confused*

I'll be calling Stack tomorrow to see what can be done.

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Mine have all done the buzzing against the stop thing. Not sure why, part of the self test thingy presumably.


Ring Stack and have a chat with the engineers, they're helpful. Will still always cost you lots of cash but at least they are helpful....

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Yup they do that from time to time.


I have a 8130, I was doing a rally in Ireland, stopped the car filled up with fuel turned it back on and the tacho needle did a full turn and broke the end off.


Rang stack on my return and they said ummm it does happen. Sent it back to them and they have to remove the glass to do the job, total price including new glass about £130 if I remember.


Has not done it since.


Oh and tell them to backup your stack before they do it as they have a habit of doing a firmware upgrade and that can end up wiping your wheel size data and all your tell tells *smile*


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