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2CV advice - Ross?

Sheds Moderator

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Ross, I have a thread upstairs in the big sheds asking how the heck I sort the susp height in the 2CV. I know you knew a girly who had one once, I don't suppose that in between bouts of getting on top of her you got underneath her car to do this did you?


Anyone else with any ideas, clever or otherwise, or just stupid comments, please sign here. *smile*

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Getting yer leg over in the back seat (very agreeable btw) raises & lowers the suspension height quite a lot, with increasing frequency towards the end (alledgedly) 😳


If Mrs B reads this I'm one very dead scotsman *eek*



Sorry, BOSS had other/better things to interest me that she possessed at the time - plus her dad was very good pals with the local citroen nutter (bearded, baldy, boffin, you get my drift)...


And sorry, I don't know the guy - but surely there must be a 2CV version of this (boingchat???) where your quessies could be answered?




Sssssscottish SsssuperSsssnot!

Ssssneakypeek! *arrowright* whooooaaaa! *wink*

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JOb done gents. I ended up making a special tool to do it, happy days with the welder and grinder. Tiptop. Susp now about right, might give the back a twiddle to see if I can get a bit closer to ideal. *thumbup*


Back to wibble, what dirty little fantasy is Ross coming out with now? Not the old one with the vicar, the rabbit and the custard is it? *tongue*

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