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Garage Clear out

tricky dicky

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Std F&R Superlight springs

Came off 2002 Wide track car.

£15 plus postage. SOLD TO SLIDER

Petty strut

£10 plus postage

Pair of Brand New RIF Carbon Rear Wheel arch protectors, come with fitting kit ie rubber trim and black rivets.

£50 plus postage. SOLD TO JOHN G

Set of 4 std conrods from 1.6k 2002 EU3 engine (piston crowns still attached)c.12.5k miles

£20 plus postage.

Std Crank from 1.6k EU3 engine c. 12.5k miles

£45 plus postage (v Heavy)

Pace Alloy Dry Sump pan for K series, damaged and repaired no leaks.

£25 plus postage (no fittings).MAV HAS 1ST OPTION

Set of 4 Std Spax Dampers from narrow track 97 Live Axle c.9k miles

£20 plus postage

Please reply via my profile





Now with extra whizz


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According to Caterham's site std springs are....

MG-Rover engined cars (except VVC models) have 150lb/in front springs, Ford,

Vauxhall and VVC engined cars have stiffer 170lb/in front springs to take

account of additional engine weight on the front of the car.


No mention of rears on the site. I honestly have no idea if they are

different wide track to std track. Do you have adjustable platforms to raise

/lower ride height.


Up to you, why not check on techtalk some one will be able to advise I'm







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