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Fire extinguishers now mandatory for sprints?


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Just received my 2005 blue book and section Q.3 (Safety Criteria) states "A fire extinguisher/extinguishing system must be carried on all vehicles ....."


It goes on to say that handhelds are OK provided they are securely held via a bracket.


Is this new for 2005? I don't recall it being mandatory before, only recommended. What are other people's take on this?






The Caterham Pages here

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I still recon that an extinguisher is worth carrying though. If you are concerned/obsessive about weight, you could consider one from FEV as their extinguishant is lighter than AFFF, or go for a carbon bottle if the budget can stand it!


The theory of not carrying an extinguisher in sprints and hills is that there is adequate extinguishers at the marshal posts...


Renny Thomson

MSA Scrutineer (Nat A)

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As you say it is all down to the distance between Marshall posts.

I have / had one and when I srted hill climbing noticed I was one of very few that had - the thinking being that the nearest marshalls post was always less than 200 yards. But for circuits (incl sprints) it is oftern further.


As said above take your choice.weight versus fire

Frankly before I get that worried about the weight of the car I need to eat few less Bacon Butties!!!



20 years with no points then I buy this bloody thing

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The argument against a handheld is that if it's sufficiently well-secured not to come loose and damage you in an accident then it'll take you too long to get at - you don't really want to be fiddling around with your head in the car whilst it burns trying to undo the clips holding the fire extinguisher firmly in place.


I'm not necessarily saying I subscribe to that theory but I can see the point. You get a good view from up here on this fence...



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