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Electronics: audio feed from Garmin->phones

Foxy Smith

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Not too hot on electronics so got myself a bit lost here. I want to splice the audio output from my Garmin Quest into my intercom headset. The intercom is a Terratrip, it has a 3.5mm socket for audio feed. I checked this out by playing an MP3 through it with no problems. I used the headphone output from the MP3 player. I then connected the speaker wires from the Garmin to a 3.5mm jack but no matter which combination of wires I use I consistenly get a buzing from either the Garmin speaker or the Intercom headset. The Garmin and the intercom share the same power supply. The supply to the intercom is filtered with a resistor/capacitor. My logic was that the output to the MP3 player headphones would be similar to the output from the Garmin speaker. Maybe this is where I have gone wrong. Anyone got any thoughts on what to try next.





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