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Wheel rack for Minno Trailer

Ian Barkley

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I was wondering about the posibility [sensibility?] of fitting two, small, low-level, single-wheel racks to the side of the jerry can box on the Minno. I don't need to carry a set of slicks, a set of wets and a few spares... so the high level rack, in addition to putting the weight high up seems to be overkill. All I need is provision for a couple of spares [one for each side due to rotation sensitive tyres].


There appears to be space for the wheel to rest on the front of the trailer, just ahead of the 7's front wheel, it would need support at the front and could be bolted [and locked] into the side of the trailer box.


Do you think I need this space for extreme manovering?


Has anyone any thoughts on the practicalityof this idea?


Any thoughts on suitable materials for the rack?




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