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Alternator mounting

Michael Scholtz

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I am fitting a 20v toyota motor to my birkin.

I have some concern about if the alternator is going to clear the steering shaft.

I am also considering an electric waterpump That would mean that if I could find a way to mount the alternator elsewhere I would not need any belt on the front.


Is this a silly idea?

Has anyone done this or know of someone who does?




Birkin S3 Installing a Toyota 20v 4AGE motor.

I must, I must, improve my thrust !

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Michael, I have a LHD Kseries with a drysump pump fitted on the right hand side, No room for the altenator on the left side due to the steering column and the tilt of the motor. I mounted the altenator off the front of the motor, running backwards. Works fine. Tom
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