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It's National Bottom Week...


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Repetitive Utterances.............





Sure sign of a CVA.......................





I only know this as a former Mrs BY was in that line of work, so to speak ☹️


The word 'dog' never bit anybody...........

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I have not one but 2 pairs of spandex cycling shorts that I wear on the bike. I am sure they show off my straining buttocks in their best light. Actually, no I'm not, I just wanted to say "straining buttocks" in the sheds and see what reaction I got.


The first time I wore them for cycling to work I had all the women in the lab hanging out of the window and wolf whistling when I arrived. 😳. These days I wear more conventional shorts and the women snigger less. They haven't stopped, obviously.

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You jest, on a recent offroad excursion the seatpin broke. Happily the sharp bits didn't penetrate any of my nethers *eek* *eek* *eek* 😳 😳 *eek* but I still fell off. I had to complete the trip standing on the pedals - hard work.


My straining buttocks were in evidence this morning on the way to work but happily covered up in a blue track suit with a coat over the top. Well, I don't like to frighten the horses.

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Spandex was much in evidence on the Barbican high walk last week *smile* People getting some practice in for National 🙆🏻 week 🤔..............


.........Or possibly because they was a fire alarm in the gym 😳 Luckily my gym kit is very respectable and spandex-less *eek* it was the people in the showers I felt really sorry for.................

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