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XXXL helmet? US import?


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Hi Chaps


Anyone else got an oversized noggin like me? Where did you purchase your helmet from? I actually fit my off road helmet quite well which is XXL but a particularly large XXL as every other XXL helmet I have tried has been too small. I am actually likely to have to order one from the US but I am not sure of VAT and import duties that get applied, does anyone know the extra cost of these taxes? Anyone know a good oversized helmet supplier?


Thanks in advance for your help!



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I've got quite a large bonce. My helmet's a 64cm size 8 Simpson helmet. Got it from GrandPrixRacewear in Chiswick (also in Silverstone) off of a shelf!


Was a fluke they had one so big in stock, but they will order ones in. Simpson is a yank manufacturer, and mine was quite a few quid, but its a fairly topendish model

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Try a lot of different makes as their sizes will vary.


I could never fit AGV helmets in their largest size but used to wear a large Dainese. The openings will vary.

The thing about buying a helmet before checking the fit is that you may not get a helmet that fits properly which is almost as dangerous as not having one on at all.

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try www.oxprod.com and take a look at the HJC helmet range. they make harley-davidson's helmets for them, and the ones we have at work come in some pretty big sizes.


remember that bike helmets and car helmets vary in thier testing standards - so if you plan to use this helmet for motorsport, you are going to need a car helmet.

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just had a look at the helmets we have in stock...


the harley-davidson flip-front helmets [made by HJC] come in sizes XS through to XL. XL is marked as a 62. thats 62cm round the head, above the ears i believe.


interestingly, the older design helmets we still have from a few years ago, and just keep for use on very busy days, go up to XXL - but these are made by AGV


maybe the AGV range is therefore worth a look.


dont mail order a helmet. bad idea. the most important thing about helmet's are that they fit properly/comfortably. dont buy what you cant try.


if you are coming to Llandow this Sunday I can bring a couple along if it helps?



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